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Card Fondue Created

What is Card Fondue?

Card Fondue is a smart contact Web App. It creates Smart QR Code that automates the process on contact exchange. See the demo below.

How to make most of this App?

The QR Code generated can be used in many different ways.

Basic - Save the QR Code for scan anytime you need.

Customize - Create specific cards for different purpose.

Design - Integrate this code into a business card's design, virtual or printed.

Make a smart Physical Card

This code can be embedded to create a smart physical card that works with NFC enabled devices. In simple words a physical version of this card can make contact exchange more seamless where all you have to do is carry the card near a phone and tap.

For enquiries please mail at

Privacy Policy

Card Fondue does not collect any user data. It is an absolutely free to use Application. No Strings attached. However, if you like this product and would like to support, kindly reach out at

Team Card Fondue

Mayank Bhutoria

  • YouTube

Aryan Rai

  • 25231

Purav Manot

  • 25231

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