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Here's the scene -

A farmer (Pusraj) in his 30's wakes up to this horrid sounds that seems to have plagued this village of Sujangadh into silence. He looks at the crops and half are burnt while the others have a rotten hole in the middle of each leaf. Pusraj is livid, the neighbors, his wife, his son they all at him with a helpless stare, fear in their eyes. Pusraj however looks more angry than afraid. He tears the rotten leaf and says "Ye Bhoot ro kaam koni, koni ho sake" Title appears on screen "Bhootedia" the one who broke the ghost. Believe it or not this is a true story that my lineage, my origin story. Well this is my dad's side, our family name 'Bhutoria' comes from this very l 



Dreamer, Storyteller and Filmmaker

That's me, right after my 30K run on my 30th birthday. Injured, dehydrated and high on adrenaline.

I share this because that's my essence, running 100% on inspiration.


Shooting films was my biggest inspiration, growing up.


And that inspiration took me to Srishti School of Art and Design.

While at Srishti I shot a film on an iPhone 4 to see how far Phone Filmmaking could be pushed. Turns out, pretty far!

This work caught the attention of Guneet Monga who later shared it with Apple India.

Also at Srishti, I realized heartfelt storytelling resonated with me the most.

I made this film on my mother, based on the time when she was pregnant with me. Emotionally it was the most difficult thing I have ever done. 


Soon after Srishti, I setup my own Production House called 'Cloud Fondue Films'.


This multi-tasking between directing and producing equipped me with skills in Marketing and Advertising.


And that helped me find my niche - a Director with deep understanding of brand strategy.

Here's an episode from a YouTube series where I break down my process of building a campaign from scratch. 


And here's an Ad I directed using said strategy. Please excuse the production value, this was a home-made Lockdown Ad.

Here's another film I directed, with a higher budget, limited timeline and a brief that only said "Make a great film 👍".

And here's some more films I have written, directed and produced over the years.


Yes, I knew you'd say that! Let's connect at +91 9339608397 and talk more.

Shekhar Kapur, Filmmaker

Mayank, what you achieved with kids in this video, I haven't been able to in my years of filmmaking.
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