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Cloud Fondue Films was set up in the summer of 2018 with a vision of creating positive sentiments around brands through our unique storytelling skills. And we are happy to share that in a short span of 4 years we have converted this vision into an incredible portfolio of films which today is backed by a diverse clientele.

That's not all, we have also managed to reach an international audience through film festival screenings, won an award and received praise and recognition from our clients and renowned filmmakers. But, to be honest we are just getting started.

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Film Screenings across the world

Our films screened across the world

Team Fondue

Mayank Bhutoria Profile


Founder & Creative Director

CFF is Mayank’s brainchild and he is the child of Pushpa and Navratan. Every bit of his work is a dedication to them. He studied film at Srishti School of Art & Design and started making films at the age of 15. Read more here.

Maitreya Mer Profile



Maitreya is an avid film photographer and filmmaker extraordinaire. He also studied Film at Srishti where he met Mayank and rest is history. Follow his cinematic journey here.

Sruti Lodha Profile



Sruti calls her mum “bum” because it rhymes. Her quirks are next level. And this quirkiness directly feeds into all her creative work. She studied film at Prague Film School. Watch more of Sruti and her quirks here.

Aman Bhargava Profile


Financial Consultant

Aman is an ace consultant when it comes to matters of finance. He also happens to be an ace consultant on life in general, he is amazing! Learn more about Aman's skills here.

Dipen Lodha Profile


Legal Advisor

Dipen or Chotu as he fondly likes being called is our go to guy for all things legal. He also runs an e-learning platform. Yes, he is a man of many talents. Check his latest endeavors here.

Ameya Kaulaskar Profile


Design Consultant

Ameya or ALK or Alec is the wizard behind the lovely layout of this website. He's also a wizard at designing architectural layouts. He is currently studying MSc in Architecture & Urban Design at Virginia Tech. Follow the wizard's journey here.

Abhishek Chawla Profile


Tech Advisor

Abhishek helps us stay relevant on the web. He likes solving tech puzzles, so we might say he is a coder by day and a de-coder by night. Get it? No? Need some tech help connect with Abhishek here.

Priyanjali Bagaria Profile


Ex Super Intern

Priyanjali started interning right around the time CFF started and as such she will always be part of our origin story.



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